In Memoriam - 2021

Three long-time board members of LPS have passed away since the last newsletter. Each of them, and their contributions to LPS is greatly missed.
Many generous donations and remembrances were received in memory of these board members, for which we are really grateful.

Frances (1)
Frances Shirley was a long time board member and served as president for 15 years. She oversaw many land acquisitions, and provided programs, displays and articles about LPS for the community. She led the organization through countless complex negotiations, the establishment of nature preserves, fundraisers, and educational programs. There is a path named in her honor in Woodward Forest. She was a recipient of the LPS Outstanding Achievement Award in 2016. She passed away in May, 2019.

Phil (1)
Phil Zawasky
is remembered as an avid trail worker, clearing paths, posting signs, and generally making LPS land a safe and pleasant place to walk. Phil has always been there for LPS: to maintain trails, organize outreach activities, or negotiate with abutting landowners. His commitment to LPS has helped to insure the continuation of the LPS as a major player in the future of Norton as a Green Community. There is a path in Phil’s honor at King Phillip Cave. He, along with his wife Kathy, received the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2019. Phil passed away in September 2020.

Ruth (1)
Ruth Goold was a long-time board member, serving as secretary of LPS for many years, as well as a board member for many other local organizations. She was born in Norton, attended Wheaton College, and taught in the Norton schools. Ruth served as president of the Norton Historical Society for many years and had a deep knowledge of the people and the land in Norton’s history. Ruth passed away in March 2021.

Paul (1)
Paul Helmreich was well known as a Wheaton History professor and a long time member of the Norton Finance Committee. His tenure on the LPS board was short, but we recognize all he did for the Norton community. Paul died in June 2021.