Land Preservation Society Meetings

Next Regular Meeting
Wednesday, September 7,2022

Land Preservation Society Event
Night Under the Stars
Star Walk, October 7th, 7:30 - 8:30 PM
Norton Middle School West Main Street ( Rte. 123 )

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nformation from the Annual Meeting
Sunday, May 15, 2022

LPS 2022 Outstanding Achievement Award
Raymond F. Mathieu

For his expert woodworking skills which have improved the visibility and usability on LPS nature preserves all over town. His work has helped LPS’s ongoing efforts to ensure that Norton thrives as a welcoming green community.

We are so happy to present this award to Ray as a small token of recognition for all he has done. Along with the award is a Lifetime Membership in LPS. We don’t want to lose track of you!

Some of his woodworking skills are on display at the following locations:
Foster Kiosk on Taunton Ave
Canoe River Lands sign at Red Mill Rd.
Blueberry Knoll sign
Woodward Forest kiosk
Reinhard Pasture wooden stairs (This was his idea, we hadn’t even come up with that one.)
Reynolds Reserve sign
Valentine Preserve Boardwalk
Wooden Memorial Bench at King Philip’s Cave

In Addition
Ray paints and repairs other signs when he sees the need for improvements, even without being asked to do it - he does this spontaneously and surreptitiously.

Information about the Speaker

The speaker was Deborah Spears Moorehead, "an internationally known Conceptual Fine Artist, Author, Historian, Entrepreneur, NativeAmerican Consultant, Traditional Cultural Bearer, Story Teller,Tour Guide, Music Composer, and Performer." She is a direct descendent of Massasoit, who saved the Pilgrims from starvation when they arrived at the Wampanoag homeland.