Map for this area, but it is a lovely place to walk.

Map 10 Parcel 480 25.14 Acres North Washington Street Rear

The Henrich Woods. The gift of Jean and Leonard Henrich. It is bounded by the old railroad track bed on the east (now the property of Mansfield Sewer and water), and runs down to the Rumford River on the west. There is Shell Oil pipeline right of way through it that provides north-south access, and a path from the railroad track bed to the river. It is signed on North Washington Street at the Johnson Woods, and there is also a path through from that parking area. There are two certified vernal pools, a grove of old pine trees, and mixed hardwoods. In addition there are Indian pipes, many toads, and a number of shrubs, including blueberries. The path toward the north is low, and wet much of the rest is dry. There may be a large chestnut tree on this land or abutting land which is protected by a CR. Given on December 26,1995. SIGNED $150,000.00