The Winthrop Dahl Nature Preserve


This area
has been a bit disrupted due to required tree removal. The main path leads to the railroad bed.

Map 4 Parcel 141 5. 19 Acres North Washington Street

The Winthrop Dahl Nature Preserve. Originally part of the land abutting Old Cobb Street, and Bruce's Basket Factory. There are remains of a barn foundation and old stone wall along the line of Old Cobb St., and a vernal pool (certified). It is also traversed by the Shell pipeline right of way, and bounded by the disused railroad track bed, now owned by Mansfield Sewer and Water. The Mansfield municipal Airport flight path crosses it, and trees are occasionally trimmed in accordance with FAA regulations. Part is still meadow, part is in shrubs and there are hardwood trees. It is accessible beside the sign on North Washington or from the track bed, an extension of Mansfield's Rails to Trails. Donated by Mary Dahl December 22, 1994. SIGNED $72,000.00

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Winthrop Dahl Preserve