Map 12 Parcel 55 6.95 Acres Stone Run Way CR
King Philip's Cave. (Metacomet’s Cave) The land surrounds a cluster of three houses, with the main part upland with some bedrock and some glacial erratics forming a shelter reputedly used by King Philip and his tribe when they were hunting and fishing in the area. The land runs from this high point down to Mulberry Meadow Brook, which is now quite brush filled. Boy Scouts conducted a cleanup of the area around the cave and the path leading in. It was donated by Raymond Passenti, and he has been granted an easement to put his driveway up the old roadway leading to the cave and then down toward the brook, which will provide a paved driveway for the LPS. This is a site visited by school children, and it helps to have it handicapped accessible A stone wall abuts it on the north side, with paths leading into cranberry bogs. Given on October 4,1999. SIGNED $7,300.00

Narrative for Map 12
Map 12
King Philip’s Cave and some conservation restriction land are on this map. LPS owns a narrow strip of land along a stone wall behind the cave that leads to an area that used to be an old wagon road. It is now quite grown up. Clearing along the stone wall might be a good Eagle Scout project.
Stone Run Drive is actually on an old wagon road on LPS land and provides handicap access to KPC.

This area is also an example of cluster housing with conservation restriction land around parts not owned by LPS.

There is Fish and Wildlife land near Lake Winnecunnet and I 495 (orange border).

Spotlight on King Philip's Cave for more information.

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Some of the members of Girl Scout Troop 85390 at the ribbon cutting for their Bronze Award Project. Many thanks to the troop for a wonderful job clearing the trails.

Power Point of Project
Movie of Project

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Phil and Matt Zawasky do some preliminary work to get rid of stumps before Girl Scout Troop 85390 begins a big trail development project.