Map 10. Parcel 486 4.62 Acres North Washington Street
The Johnson Woods. Given by the Johnson heirs — Arline Cox, Ruth and Herb Church and others in appreciation of the Land Preservation Society's efforts to secure funding for the Town's purchase of Johnson Acres, the old family farm across North Washington Street. This was originally pasture and is bounded by stone fences. It tends to be wet in spring and there was once a skating and duck pond. It is wooded, and a path has been cleared, with the help of Wheaton students, to provide access to the Henrich Woods, without having to deal with dirt bikers on the old track bed. SIGNED $67,000.00

Narrative for Map 10
Mrs. Henrich donated Henrich Woods. She had sold some other land and did this as a tax write-off. It is especially nice that it is near land with a conservation restriction.
LPS helped the heirs of the Johnson lands (Arline Cox and the Churches) get government aid so that the town could purchase the land. Originally funds were designated from state water and conservation funds, but that money was then diverted to the western part of the state. Barney Frank was able to get federal money to purchase the land, which is called Johnson acres (blue border on map). The family was so appreciative that they donated the land called Johnson Woods to LPS (green border on map).

Vernal pools are marked on the maps. If they have been certified they are numbered. The certification process includes a detailed inventory and the presence of obligate species.

Jessica Fahey Tenzar did the work to certify 1573 and 1574. She later did a larger study on salamander migration on 1574. It included DNA sampling and became part of her master’s thesis.

Frances bought land parcel 10-576 for LPS on Cross Street at a tax sale.

A former pipeline for Shell Oil goes through Henrich Woods and the CR land. The pipeline now has inert gas in it. It is walkable as there are no trees and it is like a road.