Register your yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Our goal is 150 certified yards.
Help us by registering your yard today!

All you need to do is provide elements from each of the following areas:

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Read more about this program at the
National Wildlife web site.

Please note, there is a $20 fee to register your yard.
This helps support National Wildlife and includes a subscription to their magazine.

Wildlife Checklist for MA

When you certify with your application fee of $20, you'll receive all these great benefits:

* A personalized certificate that recognizes your NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat™.
* A free NWF membership which includes a full year's subscription to the award-winning
National Wildlife® magazine and 10% off all NWF catalog purchases.
* A free subscription to the quarterly e-newsletter, Habitats, full of insightful tips
and information on gardening and attracting wildlife year after year.
* Your name listed in NWF's National registry of certified habitats...
to recognize all you've done for wildlife.

And, once you complete your application, you'll be eligible to purchase the "wildly" popular
Certified Wildlife Habitat™ yard sign that shows your commitment to conserving wildlife.

All you need to do is provide elements from each of the following areas:

* Food Sources - For example: Native plants, seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, nectar
* Water Sources - For example: Birdbath, pond, water garden, stream
* Places for Cover - For example: Thicket, rockpile, birdhouse
* Places to Raise Young - For example: Dense shrubs, vegetation, nesting box, pond
* Sustainable Gardening - For example: Mulch, compost, rain garden, chemical-free fertilizer

Need help?
National Wildlife web site
or Call 1-800-822-9919 or email

For more information and help with identifying plants, go to

Information on native and non-native plants and much more.
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Read excerpts of the book on line.
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Visit the site for information on plants, classes etc
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