Norton Land Preservation Society Events
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Land Preservation Society Meetings

Meetings are at 7 PM
Regular Monthly Meetings will be held in
September, October and November,
February, March and April.
Other meetings will be held as needed.

Scheduled Meetings

November 21, 2019 7:00 PM

February 26, 2020

March 19, 2020

April 16, 2020
Subject to status of the corona virus epidemic.

Meneely 206
Park in the Elm Street Parking Lot (Parking Lot 2 on Map)
Enter Mars Building (Building 15 on Map)
Meneely is on the left inside the Mars Building

Wheaton College Map

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Kathleen Ebert-Zawasky and Philip Zawasky Receive the 2019 LPS Outstanding Achievement Award

Each year the Land Preservation Society presents the Outstanding Achievement Award to honor an individual or individuals for their work to preserve ecosystems in Norton and make them accessible to all. We are proud, and pleased, to announce that the 2019 Award is to be presented to Kathleen Ebert-Zawasky and Philip Zawasky.

Kathy served as president of the LPS for the last seven years, during which time her organizational and computational skills enabled her to successfully lead the LPS at a critical time in its history. Phil has always been available to work on the trails or policing the LPS’s holdings, no small task! The LPS is a small organization with the ambitious goal of stewardship of 1000+ acres. Without Kathy’s continual and time-consuming efforts towards the negotiation and acquisition of open space, much of that conservation land might well have been lost to commercial development. But the shepherding of acquired vulnerable acreage is only the beginning of the LPS’s commitment, as the preservation and development of the land as a resource for Norton must be an ongoing maintenance effort. No worries, for Kathy and Phil have always been there for LPS: to maintain trails, organize outreach activities, or negotiate with abutting landowners. Their commitment to LPS over the years has been unwavering and has motivated us all to do all we can to insure the continuation of the LPS as a major player in the future of Norton as a Green Community.

Thank You Wheaton College!
Wheaton College Center for Social Justice & Community Impact

Incoming members of the class of 2022 worked tirelessly on trail maintenance in Woodward Forest this summer. Special thanks to the students, the Social Justice staff and members of LPS for a hard job well done. There was even a surprise visit from President Hanno. Additional photos.